Way Past Time

The Texas Rangers were formed originally to hunt down, capture and return escaped slaves. They were definitely racist then, and have continued with their culture of white supremacy and racism.

The Rangers admitted publicly they did not want to take action to save the kids at Robb Elementary in Uvalde TX, when they said “We didn’t want to be shot or injured”. That was probably a slip of the tongue by someone, stopping short of finishing the sentence – “For a bunch of brown skinned kids?”.

Racism is the shrug of the shoulders in reaction to the almost weekly murder of black and brown young men at the hands of the police.

Racism is what fuels decisions to place extractive industry activity close to black and brown communities, resulting in environmental degradation and deadly health impacts, for profit.

Greed drives these people. They lie and misdirect blame to deflect real change and keep money flowing.

Why doesn’t the mainstream media call out these lies? Well, the mainstream media is owned by major corporations.

If more than 330 mass shootings so far this year, including the painful tragedy in Uvalde, of nineteen innocent young bodies torn to pieces by an AR-15, will not incentivize the media to call out the lies, then what hope do we have for them to do so to support real change to combat the climate crisis.

None. Hope resides in our ability to raise our own and many other voices.

Think About It.