This Way Guys

This image is of Bacteriophage PR772 virus attacking bacteria of an infectious disease. It is a double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) virus. Belongs to the Tectiviridae family and infects gram negative hosts like Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhimurium and other bacteria.

Uppsala University, Sweden.


In other words, it is a friendly virus whose job is to protect the host. Of course, not all viruses are friendly. Far from it.

Viruses are a cagey bunch. They can disguise themselves to evade our body’s Killer T Cells. A type of white blood cell, whose job is to kill pathogens infecting the body. They play tricks on the body’s immune system. They hide. They pretend to be something else to avoid discovery. They mutate. There is an intelligence in that.

We are seeing this real time with the COVID-19 virus. It is rapidly mutating to evade vaccines. Not becoming more virulent, so far, but certainly more infectious. By infecting more people, the virus creates a world where it can multiply and mutate. Perhaps its strategy is to lay low, in a way, to not get too aggressive while it creates a body that can resist and evade anything that can kill it. Its endgame might be to then bring out the big guns and start killing many people again. We don’t know. While the COVID-19 virus is not killing people, not aggressively, we are not doing anything to improve our ability to kill it.Does it know that? Maybe. How does the virus know about the effect of vaccines and what to do to evade them?

There’s an intelligence in that.

Our bodies play host to billions of bacteria and viruses. It is a whole world in itself. Our bodies are alive with Life.

Think About It.