Thank God for Clouds

Last century, back in the late 1970’s, there was a huge hole in the Ozone layer. It covered all of Antarctica and reached up over the southern island of New Zealand.

The culprit, fluorocarbons used as a propellent in aerosols, was identified and the world responded and banned it. Which mitigated the problem, in time. In the meantime, the scientists issued an alarm. Without the protection of the Ozone, the sun’s rays would strike the earth without a filter. The result would be that the severe heat of the sun’s rays would heat up the ground by a couple degrees, enough to burn away the life. Especially considering the approaching summer.

At the end of summer, and life had not been incinerated, there was a newspaper article talking about how lucky we were that, coincidentally, there was an unusual amount of cloud cover that summer, just where we needed it, that saved life in the affected areas. But, was it coincidence? Maybe not.

What if the unusual amount of cloud cover was by design. It was the planet protecting itself. The life system of the planet knows what is going on. Sure, it is slow moving. But it is a self-regulating system. Everything is connected. There is an intelligence in that.

Think About It.