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Jul 08

Trawlermen Cling on as Oceans Empty of Fish - And the Ecosystem Is Gasping

Posted by Will Adams in unsustainablesustainableoceansfisheriesecosystemconsumption

Published on Tuesday, July 8, 2008 by The Guardian/UK

Europe is propping up an unsustainable industry in an extreme example of short-termism that our children will pay for
by George Monbiot

All over the world, protesters are engaged in a heroic battle with reality. They block roads, picket fuel depots, throw missiles and turn over cars in an effort to hold it at bay. The oil is running out and governments, they insist, must do something about it. When they've sorted it out, what about the fact that the days are getting shorter? What do we pay our taxes for?

The latest people to join these surreal protests are the world's fishermen. They are on strike in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Japan, and demonstrating in scores of maritime