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Wave Of Extinctions Sweeping The Planet
Dire Warning of Environmental Collapse
Earth Faces Sixth Mass Extinction
Highway To Extinction
Mass Extinction Theory: Life On Earth Threatened

Why We Are Here.  E-mail

Our Mission is to educate the public about the global-level environmental crisis humanity is causing and exploring ways in which an awakening spirit may change the course of mankind and Planet Earth.

We wish to make the public aware that this crisis reaches far beyond a threat to just a few specific, high-profile species. This crisis is so far advanced, it is threatening the collapse of global environments, environments that are continental in size and ocean-wide.

The fabric of life, the web of life on Earth is unraveling.

This is what we wish to communicate to humanity.  Without the awareness of the scale of this problem, we are defenseless against it.  We must make immediate, courageous, long-term changes so that our children will inherit a world still rich with life.  Time and scale are against us so we must move swiftly and definitively.  One Planet, One Life suggests that these difficult challenges may be insurmountable within a spiritually deficient paradigm.  Therefore, One Planet, One Life would like to play a role in encouraging the spiritual reflection and continuing evolution of a changing humanity.

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Help One Planet, One Life in bringing about the healing of our wonderful world.  Join us today.

Support One Planet!The joining of like spirit is happening. First a couple friends, then some small groups, then an internet connected community, and finally a global influence.

Please consider joining One Planet, One Life by registering with us today.   We are awaiting nonprofit 501(c)3 status and are currently accepting donations.  Register and stay informed on what is happening in the world and in our organization.

We Believe...  E-mail

At One Planet, One Life we believe in Life and the creative, evolutionary forces that guide it.

The Origin and Evolution of Life: A Product of Cosmic, Planetary, and Biological Processes We believe in the intrinsic right every being has to it. We will assist in bringing about the paradigm shift that is occurring on the planet right now. It is time for us to be brave enough to swim against the current and against the odds to bring about a change so drastic as to alter forever the way we treat this planet, the way we treat this life, the way we treat each other. The plight of mankind and Mother Earth was not meant to be one of suffering.

Why Join Us?  E-mail

One Planet, One Life is determined to bring these spiritually bound environmental issues to light.

OPOL Unity in DiversityWe are striving to create an atmosphere that engages and celebrates this process with highly motivated, compassionate, like-minded individuals, volunteers, and organizations like you! Please consider helping One Planet, One Life in its mission and Join The ReVolution Today!

Take Action Today!  E-mail

It has become vividly apparent that our home, Earth, is under catastrophic stress from a humanity that sees itself as separate from the natural world.

Caring For Mother EarthAs individuals, our overall impact on the world is insignificant, as a unified humanity, our actions have the ability to radically shift our relationship with each other and our home.  We can and will succeed in healing ourselves and the world.  Together.  Unity in our Diversity.  Start here.  Start now.  There is no other time.  Get Involved!  Take Action Today!